Destin Pilates Center - Destin Pilates Center -  Destin's premier Pilates and Aerial  Studio. We offer Reformer, Aerial and Ballet Barre classes along with private or semi-private instruction on the Pilates apparatus. We also have Pilates and Aerial Teacher Teacher Training.
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*ALL CLASSES ARE TO BE PRE-REGISTERED! The quickest way to register is on our Mindbody Schedule page.
 Classic Reformer for lengthening and strengthening and working the powerhouse which consists of belly, booty, back and thighs. The footwork is great for strengthening hips, knees, ankles and feet. Maximum 4 people for this popular class. Class is 50 min.
 CardioCore Rebounding( and Pilates Reformer)
CardioCore Rebounding (and Pilates Equipment)
 Pilates Equipment 
 Resistance training with Pilates Tower , Reformer and Springboard. This class has less cardio than the Barre Class but has lots of abdominal and core work focusing on flexibility, balance and body awareness. Class is 50 min
Aerial Silks  
 Students will learn how to climb and wrap themselves using two long pieces of fabric hung from a single point. These classes are perfect for beginners with no prior experience. Classes include warm up, conditioning, and stretching. Students will learn at their own pace and interest level how to climb and do poses in the air like Cirque du Soleil. Be prepared to learn tricks and drops in this class as time you advance.  No jewelry, perfume or heavy make-up. Classes are 60 min long and max 6 per class. Must be 16 yrs old or call to discuss class times for adolescence.
Barre is a Ballet-Based/ Fitness Focused Barre Method taking basic Ballet Barre technique and combining it with Pilates and Fitness techniques to tone and strengthen the entire body. Class is 50 min.
 *Please sign up using our Mindbody Schedule page. If class is full, put yourself on the wait list; since we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
 Aerial Teacher Training
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