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Group Classes


Classic Reformer for lengthening and strengthening and working the powerhouse which consists of belly, booty, back and thighs. The footwork is great for strengthening hips, knees, ankles and feet. Max is 4 people for this popular class. Must have Reformer experience before joining in the Beg/Int Classes. Class is 50 min.

Aerial Silks

Students will learn how to climb and wrap themselves using two long pieces of fabric hung from a single point. These classes are perfect for beginners with no prior experience. Classes include warm up, conditioning, and stretching. Students will learn at their own pace and interest level how to climb and do poses in the air like Cirque du Soleil. Be prepared to learn tricks and drops in this class as time you advance. No jewelry, perfume or heavy make-up. Classes are 50 min long and max 6 or 7 per class. Must be at least 10 yrs old to join Friday class. Call to discuss a private times for adolescences.

Advanced Aerial by appointment ONLY

CALL 954-806-1679 for more details.

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Restorative Pilates with Essential Oils  

This practice is not vigorous, we work on letting release happen. Many of us hold tension in certain areas of the body like the hips or shoulders. In our classes we try to find space and opening without pushing, we try to create a connection with our bodies and increase our awareness. This type of restoration of the body can boost the immune system and quiet the nervous system. A restorative aerial yoga class can introduce students to a meditation practice and help students center themselves before heading back out into world of chaos. Max 3 per class.

Aerial Yoga

*Please sign up using our Mindbody Schedule page. If class is full, put yourself on the wait list; since we have a 24 hour cancellation policy you may get in the class. Please plan on possible heavier traffic during busy season.